Grace and Garbo Communication Consultants Blog Launches

Grace and Garbo is delighted to finally launch a blog platform to coincide with the recent move to our corporate office in Business Bay, Dubai.   Considerable work has gone into our infrastructure, manpower and corporate image and now our social media is getting a make over.   If you are not familiar with Grace and Garbo you might want to know who we are and what we do.  This blog aims to provide just that background for you.

Grace and Garbo Communication Consultants was formed in 2011 by Rahma Himid, an Emirati national with over a decades experience in the disciplines of PR and marketing.

Rahma Himid, owner and creative force behind Grace and Garbo Communication Consultants.

Rahma Himid, owner and creative force behind Grace and Garbo Communication Consultants.

Rahma had worked for traditional PR companies and had noted that their focus was primarily on delivering short term campaigns to publicise a new product or launch.  None of the PR companies were able to engineer a financial or business plan to truly understand the communication requirements of their clients.

Rather than create just another PR company Rahma had a vision of a company that would engage with clients from the inception of their business idea.  This engagement process would involve the production of a feasibility study, development of a business plan and suitable strategies (inclusive of PR and marketing) to achieve predetermined goals.  This holistic (hand holding) approach would ensure that the client was walked through every step of their business development and would align their PR and communication requirements to their business goals.

Now firmly established in the Dubai communication company sector, Grace and Garbo has diversified their client deliverables year on year.  In addition to embracing the new medium of social media, Grace and Garbo has also developed their exclusive “PR in a box” off the shelf solution.  Grace and Garbo are the “Eleganceers” of communication consultants and we believe this philosophy can be applied to any industry or sector.

This blog platform aims to be informative and eclectic and we will be providing helpful hints and information about the PR and communications industry.

We hope you enjoy reading what we have to say and we would welcome any suggestions for future articles.

Until the next time, stay elegant.


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