Kid Spice Joins the Grace and Garbo Eleganceer’s Team

Grace and Garbo Communications is delighted to welcome Gabriel Patrick Keane (Kid Spice) to the team.

Gabriel Patrick Keane, aka Kid Spice, was born in Brisbane, Australia. He attended the Conservatoire Musical of Paris for 7 years where he studied music theory, percussion and singing. In 2000, he moved to Boston, where he discovered Acid Jazz through the Berkeley School of Music. It was during this period when he made a decision to become an entertainer.

Kid Spice of Grace and Garbo.

Kid Spice of Grace and Garbo.

He then moved to the Caribbean where he learned guitar and improved his skills in song writing and the technical end of electronic applications. He became quite an expert at this technique, which is shown, prominently in his music compositions.

After spending 6 years in underground Hip Hop and Reggae, a chance meeting with Vocalist Bobby Mc Ferrin, convinces him to quit this path to dedicate himself to his own music. The end result is the development of Kid Spice’s first CD.

There are two singles that represent his new CD best – his lead single, “Time Machine” and “Searching for Eternity”. This new CD is titled “Time Machine” which is still in the process of being developed. The single “Time Machine” is the first song on this new CD and it truly representative of the electro pop beats. “The song is about taking a second chance which would only be available by going back in time, therefore, using a time traveling device”, states Gabriel.

“Searching for Eternity” is a fusion of classic dance beats with a Caribbean feel to it. These two songs clearly identify who Kid Spice really is. He is a creator of sound through emotion and is done with absolute delight and love of this art form. It has many blends of sounds with eclectic/electric harmonious vocals with a classic Motown edge on some tunes. He is so versatile that it is difficult to pinpoint one particular style with him.

Gabriel is currently working on the new Grace and Garbo TV talent show “Shouting To Be Heard” and we are very excited by what he has produced so far.  Welcome to the team Gabriel.


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