Grace and Garbo, Light House Studio and BGIA – Planting Seeds of Change in Dubai

Internatonal charity organisation holds its annual global meeting in the emirate of Dubai in October 2013. 

Grace & Garbo PR, Light House Studio Dubai and Kiza Lounge welcomes international charity organization BGIA to Dubai for their first annual global meeting. The organisation will launch the “Eradicate Illiteracy in Africa” campaign at Kiza Lounge on 15th October 2013 at 8pm onwards. The campaign will highlight the address the urgency of basic education necessary in the continent as well as launch the Elekuru Project – a school building campaign that will provide education facilities to over 500 children in Elekuru Village in Nigeria. BGIA, BLACK GIRLS IGNITE Africa is a non-profit organization was established in 2011, dedicated to the empowerment, encouragement, celebration and healthy development of young and old African women and girls. The organization’s  founder and CEO Abiodun Osoba established BGIA to mentor young girls to combat negative images of black women.

“Over five hundred children in Elekuru are denied basic standard education; they are been taught under the bamboo tree, under harsh conditions. Local charity Livingstar Mission has been supporting the education campaign there and we have now combined efforts to progress with the project. BGIA plans to purchase land to build a school and a business centre for the people of Elekuru village. Our mission in Elekuru also discovered 50 widows between the age of 50- 60. Most of their needs are basic like clothing and food stuffs.  So our role in Elekuru is two-fold ; to drive eduaction and ensure basic requirements are met for the families in this village” said Abby Osoba, Executive Director, BGIA

“CSR is an integral part of Grace & Garbo. Our association with BGIA reflects our commitment to social issues and this association will allow us to support  global causes. For the Elekuru Project we will work closely with local schools and communities to collect supplies and uniforms as well as target organisations with corporate social responsibility practice for support. Recently The German International School, Dubai donated uniforms and we hope to reach out to more schools to be part of in this campaign” said Rahma Himid, CEO, Grace & Garbo.

“Truly we are responsible for those less fortunate; it is not just important but necessary for us to join hands and be part of this global drive to bring change. Millions of women and children are affected daily and we hope we are able to participate and contribute in raising awareness of those displaced. We look forward to working with BGIA in the UAE and being part of this initiative” said Mohamed Kashif Joosub, Light House Studio, Dubai.

Light House Studio will become the official Photographer and videographer for BGIA covering their awareness campaign throughout the UAE. Light House Studio Dubai, a local based photographic and videographic company, aims to be part of the global drive to eradicate poverty and illiteracy in Africa and its association with BGIA is a strategic alliance to raise awareness of issues effecting women and children across the continent.

The “Eradicate Illiteracy in Africa” red carpet reception will be held on 15th October 2013, 8pm onwards at Kiza Lounge, Oud Metha. The event is open to the general public. For more information write to or call 050 6254251.

BGIA and Grace and Garbo in Dubai

BGIA and Grace and Garbo in Dubai

Rahma Himid with BGIA

Rahma Himid with BGIA


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