Grace and Garbo Presents “Capture” at Light House Studio Dubai

At Grace and Garbo our creative team is always dreaming up new and exciting ways to highlight local talent and to provide forums and workshops for those who are looking to cut their teeth in one of the many media disciplines.

Capture by Grace and Garbo

Capture by Grace and Garbo

In January 2014 we are delighted to announce the first edition of “Capture” a 3 day event focusing on photography to be held at Light House Studio, Dubai.

A 3-day photography seminar, “CAPTURE” is an interactive session for professional and emerging photographers designed to unite the industry for dialogue and information exchange. To be held at Light House Studio in Al Quoz, “CAPTURE” opens on 23rd January 2014 with a photography exhibition followed by the 2-day workshop and seminar on 24th and 25th January 2014 by UAE based professional photographers.  The symposium is free of charge and is open to the general public however prior registration is a required.

A visual seminar, “CAPTURE” will cover diverse topics by the most influential photographers in the UAE including Commercial, Architecture and Landscape, Arial, 3D, Editorial, Fashion, Wedding, Portrait, Street and Art Photography and the latest advances in equipment and techniques, to name but a few.

The full list of photographers, the sessions they will be hosting and some profile information is detailed below:

Ana Tasnic

Child and Maternity – Jan 25-11:15am – 12pm: Child & Maternity

I was not born with a camera in my hand nor had a parent that was an avid photographer. Instead I have developed a passion for art and creativity and mastered the ways that allow me to combine the two into images that never go out of style and you can cherish and display for many years to come.

As you journey through my portfolio you will encounter a richness of color, texture, uncontrollable laughter, spontaneity, love and magic. This is what my work is all about. Our sessions are easy going and fun, children are not forcefully posed and made to smile; instead they are entertained with different toys and props to bring out their genuine personality and capture that moment that will overfill you with joy and happiness… a feeling that will blossom inside of you time after time you look at their portrait. Thank you again for allowing me to create those moments for you!

Here are a few random thoughts that quickly come to mind and describe me both as Ana and Ana Severance Photography:

My entire family is still in Europe…. I hate and love that at the same time | I am crazy about ballroom dancing | My favorite flowers are tulips | I am fascinated by the inquisitive nature of kids…. love photographing them | Lifestyle permitting I would wear 4 inch heels every day…. I still do on most days | I love all things vintage…. cameras, art, jewelry boxes, furniture and barn doors | I’ve traveled to 34 countries and still consider I know almost nothing about the world | I adore pregnant bellies…. they are simply stunning | I miss my MOTHER…. every single day | I am a girly girl | I LOVE what I do…. I AM HAPPY|

Subodh Shetty

25 Jan-2:15pm – 3pm: People & Street Photography Profile

I am a self-taught photographer with immense passion for travel photography. Got hold of my first DSLR in October 2010, since then there has been no looking back. Reason for blogging is to share my experience about my journey in the field of Photography as well as share some tips and tutors for the beginners. Like it’s said “carry your camera everywhere you go”, I do indeed carry my camera with me most of times and end up getting good pictures over the weekdays but some of the best ones actually happen only during weekends.

Speaking of Genre, I do almost everything that interests me. But over a period of time and with experience gained, seem to have zeroed on “Street Photography and Night (Long) Exposures”. Recently have been experimenting with Time Lapse .In simple “I Breathe Pixels”

Blue Eye Photography- Gregory Grytchenko-

Wedding Photography- 24 Jan-2:15pm – 3pm: Wedding Photography


Gregory Grytchenko a founder of Blue Eye Picture and wedding photographer based in Dubai.

In his photographs he wishes to capture gestures, unspoken words, to the most important moments in people`s lives.

Gregory creates stunning portraits and spontaneously taken stand-alone works of art that celebrate all the fun, love and laughter of wedding day. He loves to document life in artful way.

His Style

1. Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding Photojournalism is a story telling style of wedding photography that involves minimal involvement on the part of the dubai photographer. A photojournalistic wedding photographer allows all of the moments to unfold around them, while they simply use their creative eye to capture and interpret those moments through their photography.

2. Fine-Art Wedding Photography

Fine-art wedding photography involves using artistic angles, creative lighting, unique compositions and advanced post production techniques to create imagery with a much stronger artistic flare. Our wedding photographers are very meticulous about researching scenes and anticipating moments so that we can use fine-art techniques, without interfering with our surroundings.

Fine-art wedding photography starts with an image shot with an artistic finish in mind, most likely not a “say cheese” moment. In post production, these images are transformed into fine-art using textures, filters, masks, and other advanced Photoshop techniques to create a visually stunning, emotional image.

3. Fashion Wedding Photography

Fashion photography is a genre of photography that is focused around displaying clothing and other fashion items for commercial purposes. This style of photography is popular in large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles or Milano. However, there are several unique photography techniques that are employed in fashion photography which we borrow in our wedding photography style. These techniques include the usage of unique off camera lighting, fashion-esque poses and expressions, along with dramatic backgrounds. Typically, our fashion influenced style of wedding photography will only be used at request of the bride and groom during the engagement shoot/bridal shoot, as it does require some photographer involvement.

4. Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography typically has quite a bit of wedding photographer involvement. The wedding photographer is seen almost as a type of coordinator, and thus, assists in guiding and directing the wedding. While Gregory and Dorota Dubai Wedding Photographers are not traditional wedding photographers, we do have extensive experience in directing and posing people for group formals when necessary. However, in general, our philosophy is to capture real moments and to remain as unnoticed as possible.

5. Trash The Dress Wedding Photography

“Trash the dress” are all terms used to refer to the style of photography that contrasts elegant bridal clothing with an environment that is completely out of place. We typically shoot this type of photography with a fashion and fine-art style of photography. Popular locations for these sessions are beaches on Seychelles, in Dubai, on Maledives, or any other sandy beach, but we can also get creative with a location that fits your personality or expresses your artistic side. If relieving post-wedding tension with a trash the dress photography session is what you are looking for, we would be happy to oblige you.

Franck Botnet 24-12:15pm – 1pm – Wedding Photography

I have been a documentary photographer for 13 years now, and I divide my time between my family, my personal long-term projects, my wedding photo-reportages, and “item” the photography agency I co-founded, dedicated to concerned documentary photography. I discovered photography when I was living in San Diego, California. Back then, I was teaching French at the UCSD, and I had the opportunity to attend photojournalism classes. For me it was love at first sight for this discipline to which converged most of my interests: visual arts, geopolitics, social issues, travel, meeting people, multiculturalism. Since then I have travelled all over the world to document contemporary issues: Cambodia, Argentina, Lebanon, UAE, Egypt. Back to France, I decided to devote myself solely and entirely too documentary photography.

Finally a small world that always makes me dreams lucidly. I quickly met the right people who allowed me to start my new professional life. And this is how the collective item was born on September 12, 2001. Very quickly I started practicing by taking my friends’ wedding photos. But from the start I used to shoot weddings as documentary subjects, and I liked more and more this

new photographic practice. Over the years, I joined international structures such as WPJA, ISPWP, BOWP or Fearless. Until now my work has been regularly rewarded (70 awards) and recognized at an international level through contests organized by these organizations or others like June bug Weddings.

In 2009, I received the WPJA Photographer of the Year 2008 award. In 2010, the Italian Magazine Just Married put me in the top 5 best photographers of the year worldwide. In 2011 and 2012, I was ranked in the top 15 Fearless photographers. In my photographic approach, I feel close to the tradition of humanist photography. For my personal projects like weddings, I try to tell a story or different stories with a highly Personal vision, trying to have a lyrical and poetic strength in my images.

Tala Berkadar: 25th Jan- 3:15pm to 4pm: People & Street Photography

profile: every moment has its own memory
take your gear out and start capture photos around you,

Leo Edwards-10:15am – 11am: Travel Photography

Shirly Lawson: 25th -12:15pm – 1pm – Beauty & Fashion Photography:

We have received a great response from people wishing to attend this ground breaking event but there is still time to register your interest.  To register your interest please email us at

We look forward to meeting many aspiring photographers at the event and we would like to think this could be the first step to a successful career in the photographic arts for some.


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